Vishal Apte


Vishal Apte is Founder & Managing Partner at 1E9 Solutions.

He is also founder and CEO of Financial Machines, a data and analytics company enabling automation at scale in the energy and infrastructure sector.

Previously, Vishal was a Managing Director at Barclays Bank and BNP Paribas where he led a global energy business. As head of the business, he was responsible for the sales and origination effort as well as managing risk on all transactions. He led a team that created an innovative risk management solution which delivered complex risk metrics in realtime. He has managed portfolios with a notional value in excess of $5b, and has deep expertise in reviewing, identifying, and recommending monetization and risk management strategies. Vishal was also a Managing Director at American Electric Power and started as an analyst at Enron.

Vishal received a BS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Prashant Lamba


Prashant has 20 years of experience as Founder and CEO of a global software services company.

Prashant is also the founder and CEO of Phonologies India Pvt. Ltd ("Phonologies"), a provider of telecom and call center technology

InterpreXer, developed by Phonologies, is a leading ivr and vxml platform and has a customer list that includes Avaya.

Prashant has managed operations and delivered enterprise-grade solutions to customers globally, including Avaya, etc.

Prashant received an MBA from The University of Pune.