Vishal Apte


Vishal Apte is Founder & Managing Partner at 1E9 Solutions.

He is also founder and CEO of Financial Machines, a data and analytics company enabling automation at scale in the energy and infrastructure sector.

Previously, Vishal was a Managing Director at Barclays Bank and BNP Paribas where he led a global energy business. As head of the business, he was responsible for the sales and origination effort as well as managing risk on all transactions. He led a team that created an innovative risk management solution which delivered complex risk metrics in realtime. He has managed portfolios with a notional value in excess of $5b, and has deep expertise in reviewing, identifying, and recommending monetization and risk management strategies. Vishal was also a Managing Director at American Electric Power and started as an analyst at Enron.

Vishal received a BS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Prashant Lamba


Prashant has 20 years of experience as Founder and CEO of a global software services company.

Prashant is also the founder and CEO of Phonologies India Pvt. Ltd ("Phonologies"), a provider of telecom and call center technology

InterpreXer, developed by Phonologies, is a leading ivr and vxml platform and has a customer list that includes Avaya.

Prashant has managed operations and delivered enterprise-grade solutions to customers globally, including Avaya, etc.

Prashant received an MBA from The University of Pune.

Sapan Parekh


Sapan is the erstwhile CEO of SKP Group (skpgroup.com) where he grew the organization to more than 1,200 strong over 20 years to serve a portfolio of customers globally.

Sapan works with customers to develop strategy and helps international companies doing business in Bhutan and India.

Sapan received an MBA from Duke University.